Jay Rodriguez - NY / NJ Based Photographer Born and raised in Brooklyn I was surrounded with many people with talent of all types.
While growing up I was determined to make an impact, with all the skills handed down to me I kept on moving forward and made a decision. I went to school and made use of my creative skills.

I attended college in Florida for graphic designs & advertising and came back to New York to pursue a dream, so-far I’m on my way there! Along with my graphic design skills I picked up photography and fell deeply in love with the craft and results I can accomplish.

I mainly shoot Portraits & Head shots for Bands, Musicians and Actors for promotional material. I take on many other shoots such as Sweet 16’s, Family Portraits, Special Events and other shoots that require my services.

Day by day I have many ideas running through my mind to make your product noticed.
My goal is to make things happen on and off line. Looking to connect with businesses that need a voice and embed my style to their campaigns/advertisements.

I love photography & design, it’s my passion. I look forward to putting my mark and my style of photography and design for many projects from here on out.

“I aim high, fortune 500 high and sooner or later I wish to be there. – My team and I will make things happen one step at a time, we will give you all that you ask for once the project is fulfilled.”


My Goals / People I want to shoot:

– Robin Williams (may he rest in peace. – Nano-Nano)
– Rakim (from Erik B. & Rakim Hip Hop Artist)
– Gwen Stefani
– Justin Timberlake
– Wu Tang Clan
– Jay-Z
– Rihanna
– Rosario Dawson
– Robert De Niro
– Christopher Walken
– Denzel Washington
–  Lindsay Lohan

Music I Listen To:

– Hip Hop – Old School Hip Hop
– House Music
– Salsa Music
– Classic Rock
– Classic RnB